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The 7 Most Beautiful Parks in the World to Explore with Your Loved One

When I was a single parent, I’ve ever tried to look for love through internet. ha ha 😆 Please be advised. I was desperate at that time, and I also had a trauma to marry a local man, so I thought to find a mate from outside Indonesia. But, did I got a mate from that online dating website? No, I didn’t! But one of my friend did. She found a right man and got married.

It’s been a long time that I no longer browse the online dating websites. I’ve got married (again) now and got 2 lovely children. But yesterday on my way home from work, I was bored because of stuck in a traffic jam.

Then I thought about opening the website again. Ops, don’t worry! I’m not about to cheat. I just want to read the article on the blog owned by that dating website. You know, there are many articles we can read to get some inspiration about our relationship. One of these, an article about the beautiful parks in the world. It makes me want another honeymoon with husband. Just two of us. <3<3<3

Every modern city, despite how urbanized it is, simply must have some quiet corner where you can enjoy the beauty of nature. Sometimes, what you really need to see to get an aesthetic pleasure is not architecture but versatile flora: green trees, blossoming flowers, manicured bushes. If you don’t know where you want to go on your romantic vacation, consider the following list of fascinating parks kindly provided by an overseas dating site.

Keukenhof, Lisse, the Netherlands

The Keukenhof park is arguably one of the most splendid parks on the planet. It’s located between Amsterdam and the Hague, in the city of Lisse. It occupies the area of 32 ha. The territory is covered with tulip fields, plenty of canals, fountains, waterfalls, and sculptures. There is even a windmill that you can explore from the inside. The park was founded in 1949 and is one of the most famous attractions in Europe. It is open for visitors from late March till the middle of May.

Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy

The Boboli Gardens are the embodiment of the grandeur and power of the Medici dynasty. “Gardens” is a very humble name for this spectacular site. It’s a royal garden and truly an open-air museum. The strict geometrical layout, beautiful fountains and statues, colonnades, grottos, and amazing views of the city – all this draws a lot of tourists in every season.

Nong Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden, Pattaya, Thailand

The founder of the botanical garden, after whom it’s named, wanted to grow fruits and plants for her family. But very soon her garden began to attract the interest of locals and tourists with its diversity. This is when the idea to add some decorative elements and open the garden for public appeared. Arguably, one the best tropical gardens in the world, Nong Nooch offers not only a plethora of blossoming flowers and rare plants but also daily elephant shows and other entertainment.

Gardens and Park of Versailles, France

Louis XIV established this park as part of his residence in 1661. He hired the best architects and artists that implemented his ideas into reality and built the Palace of Versailles with its gardens. It’s a majestic place and part of French national heritage. 800 hectares covered with greenery, flowerbeds, ponds, fountains are perfect for a day-trip.

Butchart Gardens, Brentwood Bay, British Columbia, Canada

Over a million people visit the Butchart Gardens annually. Its founders established the garden on the site of the exhausted limestone quarry. It was built by the Japanese designer Isaburo Kishida. The territory of the Gardens features the Japanese Garden, the Italian Garden, the Star Pond, and the Ross Fountain.

Rikugien Garden, Tokyo, Japan

The name of the park, established in 1695, is literally translated as “Six Poems Garden”. It’s one of the most beautiful parks in Japan. If you come here in spring you’ll be delighted at the blossoming sakura trees. If you come in autumn, shrubs, maple and zelkova trees will stun you with a palette of colors. The park is especially beautiful and mesmerizing during the dark hours when it is illuminated.

Zhangjiajie National Forest Park, China

In 1982, it became the first national forest park in China. Zhangjiajie gained its popularity with foreign tourists after they saw it in Avatar. It was a giant quartzitic pillar that attracted the attention of the movie’s fans. Enjoy a spectacular view of the forest from the top of the cliff where you can get using the Bailong Elevator. Take a walk on the longest and the highest glass bridge that connects two mountains.

Anyway, spending time with mate in the park, or surrounded by green is very pleasant indeed. I quite often do it with my hubby before getting babies. And now, I miss it already.

Di Tebing Lemo Toraja

How about you, guys? Apakah kalian juga suka pergi berduaan dengan pasangan di taman yang indah?


7 Park pictures source: Pixabay

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